Specialize in Developing & Managing Next Generation Mobile Infrastructure & Broadband Technologies

  • Advised organizations on tooling
  • Contributing Author on "Project Management of a Large Infrastructure Product"
  • Endorsed by co-workers, Voted MVP by peers in project management organization.
  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned Masters of Science Electrical Engineering communications systems
  • Served on a board of directors for the Hamilton Crest Homeowners Association organization
  • Early adopter to new tools utilizing latest technology.
  • Considered an authority in tool implementation and utilization
  • Considerable experience using Project Management Tools
  • Consistently rated a “preferred to work with” status with “Outstanding/Exceeds Expectation”
  • Extends processes, tools and support to teams beyond my own organization.


Evan Peterson PMP
With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.
Technical Program Manager
Experienced team leader with extensive experience solving complex technology challenges in the telecommunications industry. Apply engineering, project management, and collaboration expertise to drive increased efficiencies with R&D processes. Consistently rated a “preferred to work with” status by internal customers, received “Outstanding/Exceeds Expectation” rating over multiple years, and voted “Most Valuable Player” by project management peers. Established reputation for accelerating project execution through implementation of automation tools. Areas of expertise include:

Program/Project Management | Telecommunications | New Product Development | Tools
Vendor Management | Release Management | Hardware, Software & System Development
System & Process Automation | IT Software Selection, Configuration & Deployment | Field Trials


  1. -
    PMO Tools Lead / Technical Program Manager, Nokia

    Directed selection and delivery of a single program/project management tool set across mobile networks in near “impossible” time frame. Worked with 15 business units worldwide to gather common program management tool requirements, reviewed tool solutions with IT, made recommendation/selection. Partnered with developers, IT and team leads to configure solution, deploy the tool, and migrate from legacy tools to new single tool (Atlassian Jira Data Center).

  2. -
    Lead Technical Project Manager (4G LTE RF R&D), Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia

    Headed development of Radio Software features in 70+ variants of 4G LTE Mobile Base Station Radio Heads. Managed HW and SW delivery into LTE release. Drove development of former Alcatel-Lucent radios for compatibility with Nokia controllers, including collaborating across 2 company cultures and supporting new company needs for merging.

  3. -
    Lead Technical Prj Mgr & Vendor Mgr (4G WiMAX R&D), Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent

    Served as lead Project Manager and 3rd Party Vendor Project Manager of Lucent’s WiMAX Development program. Collaborated with Legal on generating vendor statement of work (SoW). Produced WiMAX development project plan and executed to general availability. Maintained CMMI compliance and standard project management practices. Managed field trial, deployment and testing for consortium of other cable operators, including Comcast

  4. PMP Certification #458561

    Earned PMP Certification and have maintained certification to present.

  5. -
    Technical Project Manager (2G/3G R&D), AT&T, Lucent Technologies

    Developed project plans to support the cellular base station product development process, including establishing timelines and determining materials and/or resources needed. Worked in conjunction with multiple disciplines and organizations to ensure the completion of project goals. Managed each phase of the project plan and initiated corrective action to keep each project on track. Coached peers on their activities. Frequent contributed to process improvements. Rated as top performer in group.

    Product lines included Lucent Cellular Business System, Microcell, Modcell, MicroMinicell, and OneBTS Common Asset projects among others with teams located in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Israel.

  6. -
    Board of Directors Treasurer, Hamilton Crest Homeowners Association

    Member of homeowner’s association. Promoted communication throughout the community. Developed Community website and communication forum. Wrote a guide for board members given this was a new community and all members were new. Performed role of Board Treasurer.

  7. -
    Applications Engineer (In-Building Cellular), Panasonic Communications and Systems Company

    As the only headquarters engineer, perform the following functions: research and develop product accessories, support tools and modifications; develop solutions for customers’ personal communications needs; design in-house personal communication systems, perform tests on prospective products, coordinate product introductions.

    Anticipate customer needs for future product development. Make technical presentations to cellular carriers’ engineers. Work with cellular carriers to help them enhance system sales. Specify trade show booth designs and layouts for live demonstrations. Continue performing many responsibilities listed below.

  8. -
    Product Specialist (Cellular Mobile and Pager), Panasonic Communications and Systems Company

    Manage evaluation process of new products during the development process. Design master schedules for product development and coordinate activity of all involved departments to ensure the effective on-time launch of new products. Coordinate communications on potential products and provide appropriate solutions identified by the new product evaluation process. Represent Panasonic in technical committee meetings, nationwide, to set industry standards and relay specifications and market trends to engineering.

    Identify customer needs and requirements for new products, product concepts or enhancements. Evaluate competitive offerings. Consult with in-house product development group to resolve and set new product requirements. Monitor product development at the factory to ensure marketing requirements are being met.

    Support customer service, marketing and sales staff on new product information by providing internal training. Develop training manuals for new products used in house by distributors and sales personnel. Assist staff with technical product inquiries from customers. Review and edit operation instructions for new products for accuracy and ease of use.

  9. -
    Masters of Science Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ

    Earned MSEE specializing in Communications Systems

  10. -
    Product Engineer (Cellular Mobile and Pager), Panasonic Communications and Systems Company

    Responsible for new product introduction, testing and evaluation, as well as the preparation of technical service documents. Provide support to field engineers, sales personnel and customers. Facilitate factory and industry interfacing, recommending technical product features to the factory, and organizing and presenting service information received from the factory. Implement quality control measures, including the evaluation of field problems.

    Development of automated test systems. Management of Panasonic quality assurance department. Extensive computer implementation. Frequent travels to locations coast to coast testing pager and cellular products for customer needs and providing training seminars for field engineering and sales personnel.

  11. -
    Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ

    Earned BSEE specializing in Communications Systems

Proudest Accomplishment

Utilizing passion for tools to identify problems & create solutions resulting in streamlined process

Experience Highlights

  • Technical Program Manager
  • Program Management Office Tools Lead
  • Lead Technical Project Manager

Education Highlights

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
    BSEE, Communications Systems


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    expanding the power of individual devices through integration and automation
  • Computing
    Achieving accurate and real time results through software
  • Home Automation
    Improving lives at homewith technology
  • Tools
    selecting the proper tool for the job, then Utilizing tools to their full extent
  • Consumer Electronics
    Keeping on top of latest trends
  • Renewable Energy
    Enthusiast and early adopter
  • Music
    Music is the key to creativity. and Makes us feel good


  • $16M
  • 2000+
  • 2M€

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
Interests in radio, electronics, computers and constant desire to learn resulted in my MSEE.  Finding a job at Panasonic satisfied my desire to work in consumer electronics and telecommunications.  This lead to an opportunity to Manage Projects at AT&T (now Nokia) where I got to remain in Telecommunications build on my skills and make contrabutions using my computer skills that were unique to me.  I have enjoyed working as a Technical Project Manager and Technical Program Manager as there is always something new to learn and people to support. 

My last job as Tools Lead also allowed me to learn and apply skills relating to IT Project Management.  This is another area that I can see myself expanding upon.
Describe your greatest accomplishment.
Being voted as Most Valuable Player amoung peers of Technical Project Managers in my organization. Who knew?  Not something that I even set out to achieve.
What tools do you use?
HP PPM, HP Quality Center, BM DCT, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Office365, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Flow, PowerPoint, Excel, Word... I love tools.  They make our lives easier.  They automate tasks and reduce human error.  They can provide real time reporting and allow data driven decisions.
What are your long-term goals?
I am looking to continue my career as a Technical Program or Project Manager in the area of Telecommunications or in IT supporting the selection, configuration and deployment of new software tools. I am looking to stay with one company and deliver best in class management while expanding my knowlege as technologies evolve and improve.



Basking Ridge, NJ


Basking Ridge, NJ  United States

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